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Charles Campbell Jr. started working at Sheet Metal Co. at the age of 15 with his father. He worked at different manufacturing companies through 2001. There was one company in particular, during 1988, where Charles was in charge of manufacturing and engineering. Using his years and years of leadership and manufacturing experience, he later applied it to start his own business. A1 Walls manufactures insulated metal panels for paint booths and ovens in NC. http://a1walls.com/about/

The company started with one goal in mind. Provide the highest quality, easy to assemble, insulated metal wall panels at affordable prices. Today the goal has remained the same. Charles is dedicated to building a superior hand made in the USA product. Through devotion and innovation, he continues to provide a stronger than the average structure of the insulated metal wall. A1 Walls provides insulated metal panels that are easy to install, un-install and re-install using very little tools.


We make insulated metal panels using high-quality mineral wool that have many advantages over typical fiberglass. The panels are shipped in bundles to avoid damage. A1 insulated metal panels make perfect ovens. All interlocking insulated metal oven wall panels are made to reach temperatures up to 500°. We offer a master panel with emergency shut off to control the temperature and bake time too.

A1 Walls can build your paint booth too. We work with you to design the perfect booth and then build it to your exact specifications. Our Track Systems are extremely competitive in price up to 30%! We use 458 x sawmill chain that has high-intensity strength and can be installed in any pattern. Because of the durable design of the track, it can move product from one point to another with a variable live speed usually 10 feet per minute. http://a1walls.com/metal-panels/#

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