Metal Panels

Insulated Metal Panels

Wall Panel

A1 walls create an Insulated Metal Wall Panel ten times stronger than the average 2 x 4 wall. Insuring that our product will not only withstand the test of time, but also anything else you can throw at them (We mean that literally, they’re tough!). Typical Panels measure 27″ inches wide and 4″ inches thick. Made with 20 gauge sheet metal. Panel Height is built to the customers needs up to 12ft maximum.



A1 panels are insulated with a special, high quality, Mineral Wool. Why do we insulate our panels mineral wool instead of fiberglass batts? Well, Mineral wool provides three distinct advantages over typical fiberglass:

  1. Superior Thermal Resistance
  2. Increased Sound Resistance
  3. Excellent ratings in the, “Green,” building community

Shipment & Movement


A1 Panels are shipped in bundles to ensure they reach your facility without damage. An additional advantage of A1 panel construction is the ability to assemble and disassemble the structure easily. Quite often businesses change location due to growth or any variety of reasons. With as little as a drill, two people can quickly and efficiently move a paint booth, finishing system, freezer, sound-room, etc. to a new facility where the panels can then be reassembled with ease.