Insulated Paint Booths

Choosing to work with A1 walls to build your insulated paint booths is a great idea. We work with you to design the perfect paint booth using our insulated metal panels. We can build your booth with any accessories too! Need custom lighting such as temperature lights or explosion proof lights? We can help. Do you need overhead pac-lines for small products? We can help. If it is made out of metal we are sure we can fabricate it.

industrial temperature oven

A1 Metal Panel Oven.






Our insulated paint booths are designed by you and manufactured by us to ensure you get the exact structure you need. We have the most affordable structures too.  We offer a heavy-duty floor track system. The track line is secured to the floor and has a chain that pulls carts along the desired path. this system is ideal for safely and efficiently transporting product throughout your facility.

Floor Track System

Through devotion and innovation, A1 Walls continues to provide structures stronger than the average metal insulated walls that can be installed and removed with very few tools. We have an interlocking design that allows for the best seal too. They are built to withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees.

Contact A1 Walls and let Charles and his Team design a custom booth or oven for you!



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