A1 Insulated Panel Ovens

a1 walls temperature oven

A1 insulated metal panels make perfect ovens. Designed to have a variety of uses including thermal resistant oven walls,  all interlocking insulated metal oven wall panels are made to reach temperatures up to 500°. The interlocking panels create an excellent barrier to prevent heat loss and improve oven efficiency for an excellent finishing system. In addition, our ovens are custom built to fulfill any need from curing rooms for large paint shops or wood drying facilities or any type of finishing system. We also have great expertise in laying out finishing room. Using your room size with product production required using your drying time for your paint specs. 

Heating element & Controls

industrial temperature oven

Standard ovens are heated with a 750,000 BTU gas burner. We offer a master panel with emergency shut off to control the temperature and bake time of the oven. We’ve installed anything from different gas and electric heating elements to temp and humidity master controls. A1 Walls takes pride in building you the insulated oven that exceeds your needs & expectations.

Compare Electric vs Gas Burner:

Oven Load 200,000 BTV/hr


  • 1kw = 3412 BTU
  • 200,000 BTU / 3412 = 58.62kw or +/- 60kw
  • Electric rate @ .0712 cents per kw


  • 1 therm = 100 cuft – natural gas
  • Deca = 10 therms
  • Decatherm = 1000 cuft or 1,000,000 BTU
  • Estimate natural gas @ 1,000 BTU/cuft
  • Gas rate @ $68.76 per decatherm

Best to estimate loads on a 1,000,000 BTU/hr basis to compare:

A. Electric rate @ .0712 per kw

  • 1,000,000 BTU / 3412 =293 kw
  • 293kw x .0712 cents = $20.86 per million BTU

B. Gas Rate @ $68.76 per decatherm

  • Or 681 per 1000 cuft
  • Or about $6.87 per 1,000,000 BTU
  • Or Electric is about 3 times gas operating cost.
  • Plus gas equipment is probably double. 


Added Benefit of A1 Walls Expertise

Oven circulation fans

Some large ovens can create uneven curing or cooking due to the irregular distribution of heat throughout the oven. However, at A1 Walls we install large turbolator fans that circulate the heat evenly throughout the oven. Air circulation offers two distinct benefits; More even cooking or curing throughout the oven & decreased cooking or curing time due to increased thermal exchange.